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VisionQuest Display banner stands are designed and manufactured to make your graphics look their very best. Telescoping stands provide for precise tensioning of your banner.

TS Series (Telescoping - Single Pole)

Clean "Frameless-Look" with structure hidden by banner. Great for vertically oriented graphics.  A variety of Base Plates, Horizontal Banner Positioners and "Spacers"provide a wide range of sizes to choose from:

Standard Sizes

Model #

Banner Banner Banners*
Base Dim. Width Length 1 or 2 Wt.


18 TC 60-1BP 8"x12" 18" 20" to 59" 1 5 lbs.
18 TC 60-2BP 8"x12" 18" 20" to 59" 2 6 lbs.




24 TI 90-1BP 11"x20" 24" 30" to 90" 1 9 lbs.
24 TI 90-2BP 11"x20" 24" 30" to 90" 2 11lbs.
28 TI 90-1BP 11"x20" 27 " 30" to 90" 1 9 lbs.
28 TI 90-2BP 11"x20" 27 " 30" to 90" 2 11 lbs.
36 TI 90-1BP 11"x20" 36" 30" to 90" 1 11 lbs.


Extra Large


36 TXL 90-1BP 14"x27" 36" 30" to 90" 1 15 lbs.
48 TXL 90-1BP 14'x27" 48" 30" to 90" 1 16 lbs.


*Banner positioners are single-sided (one banner) or double-sided (one or two banners).


Add Spacers For Extra Height:


Additional "Spacers" can be added to increase overall height and/or distance between Base Plate and the bottom of your banner.

Standard Colors:





Fabric Carrying Bags with separate Graphics Sleeves are available in two piece sets.  The Fabric Carrying Bag holds the TS Stand Parts and the separate Graphics Sleeve is for your banner.  The Graphics Sleeve attaches to the lower Carrying Bag by hook & loop.


Compact: TC-SC-18 (20" Sleeve)
Intermediate: TI-SC-30 (33" Sleeve)
TI-SC-36 (38" Sleeve)
Extra Large: TXL-SC-48 (50" Sleeve)


Lighting:  A Light (Halogen, 50W) can be added to the top of the vertical Telescoping Pole.  Colors available: Black (T-L/B) or Silver (T-L/S).


Poster Holder Adapter:  Magnetic (EX-MPA) is available for the double-sided TS Series Stands.  The Magnetic clamp extrusion slides into the double-sided (-2BP) Banner Positioner.

TS Stand Components:

  • Anodized aluminum tubing and telescoping pole

  • Fabricated steel base plate w/recessed connection point

  • Powder coated aluminum banner positioners

  • Colors Available:  Black or Silver

Banner Finish:


Banners should be finished with a Sleeve/Pole Pocket top and bottom; allowing for a " diameter wood dowel (dowel is included with TS Series Stands).


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